ComingAshorepostcardPage1Coming Ashore - My Third Memoir

My new and final memoir came out on October 1, 2014 in Canada. The new cover is hot off the press. Hope you like it! It has a picture of me waiting for my tutor at Oxford at the age of 21. The cover is reminiscent of the covers of my other volumes. I never saw my life as a boxed set, but there you have it.

This memoir tells of my life from ages 21-25 across three countries. It describes my student years at Oxford in England, where as Shaw has said, England and America are two countries separated by a common language. In the second part, I return to the theme of race relations (as in my previous books), where I teach in the ghetto of Cleveland as it burns in riots.

Finally, in the last third of the book, I move to Toronto to attend graduate school where I reside in Rochdale, the biggest drug warren in country. I have my usual entanglements with the law and romance, in equal measure.

Coming Ashore Videos

Feel free to watch a series of videos where I talk about and read from Coming Ashore.

Coming Ashore Interview with Terry O'Reilly

Here's a clip of an interview I did with Terry O'Reilly about Coming Ashore.

Cathy Reading From Coming Ashore

Here's me reading from Coming Ashore.

afterthefallsAfter the Falls - My Second Memoir

After the Falls is the sequel to my best-selling memoir Too Close to the Falls. It covers my life from the ages of 13-21.The setting is the 60’s. The reader is whisked through my hapless teenage years when I tooled around Buffalo’s suburbs in my parents’ 409 Impala convertible with the Beach Boys blaring on the radio, into the late 60’s when cities were burning, my college graduation was cancelled due to riots, the FBI investigated me, and I had to leave the country. Don’t believe Darwin who said it takes eons to evolve into another species. I did it in less than a decade.

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4 Personal/Video Interviews

One of the questions I get asked most often is Who inspired your writing and why? In this first video clip I talk about the influences on my writing.

In the other three videos I tell the story of the donut shop incident (from After the Falls);
I talk about my relationship with my father; and finally, I tell the story of how I handled a bully (from Too Close to the Falls, my first memoir that was on the best-seller list for over a year).

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fallsToo Close to the Falls - My First Memoir

"Toronto psychologist Catherine Gildiner's Too Close to the Falls is both funny and true, a sometimes bizarre but completely believable story...It depicts the formative years of an extraordinary child, but it also captures the essence of childhood itself. The combination is altogether compelling; I cannot recommend this book enough..." —The Toronto Star

“Richly detailed and absorbing, Too Close to the Falls has only one real fault. It ends too soon.” — Toronto Life Magazine

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